Progress on v1.1.0

Just to keep folk here updated on this, v1.1.0 is on it's way, and the bigger chunk of it's done, which I've been showing off on my twitter over time. Here's an overview of how that's going:

- 5 new cars, and they're all done.
- 6 new environments, of which 3 are done.
- A tutorial for Endless Road, which has just been completed.
- Several tweaks and bug fixes, of which... some are done, I'm not gonna go count them now.

Because of what's new, specially the new tutorial, there will be an updated demo. Since I'm splitting my time between this update and my other project Dunkehr, it'll still take a bit to have this done, but I'm expecting no more than an extra couple weeks. After this, I'll be looking into FINALLY having this up on Steam, so y'all will have that to look forward to as well!

And that'll be it, I'll be back in a bit!

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