The final update! v1.3.0 is up!

Yep, this is a big one. Not just the update itself, that one's fairly chunky. But it's also the last update to the game, which carries a bit of weight in and of itself. A bit of them pesky feels, ye know?

I'll address this whole "it's the last one" deal further down, but in the meantime...

More Cars!

Not one, not two, but a whole TEN (10!) cars have been added, for a grand total of 25! At first I was gonna do 5 like I previously did, but... you know what? It's the last update, so screw it!

Also finally added these chibi arts in-game as billboards. Because I'm an idiot and it took me THIS LONG to realise I could do that.

More Environments!

Much like before, you got another half-dozen places to be doing the zoomies through!

Custom Billboards?!

Yep! There's now a folder you can toss PNGs at and they'll show up in-game as billboards!

Also since there's more stuff to do in the save data folder, now when you press the button to open the folder, it'll open the main save data folder instead of the decal folder. Figured that'd make more sense now.

Also yes, I said "folder" a lot, there.

Arcade... Cabinet Mode?!

Now here's what's probably the weirdest part of this update. You can read about it in detail in the "arcade" subfolder in the save data, but you can now convert the game so it'll behave more like an arcade port.

Credit insertion, dedicated top 10 scoreboard with 3-character name insertion, an Attract Mode featuring AI gameplay (was easier than pre-recording inputs, believe me), a cabinet config menu, the works. If you're someone who runs an arcade, you might be interested in looking into this! Or even if you're just curious about it, it's right there, I can't stop any of you!

Misc Stuff

There are some other things thrown in, which you can check out in the changelog tucked in the game files. Also there's this thingy I did to the main menu, I think you'll be able to spot it well enough!

So... what now?

Barring any apocalyptic bug that absolutely needs to be fixed... yeah. This is it. The game's done, and I'll be moving on to other stuff. Some of you who follow my work probably know what that other stuff is. Those who don't, checking My Website should clue you in well enough! There are some socials there and everything!

That's not to say I'm quite done with all this car-flipping nonsense. It'll take a while for me to get to it, but a sequel will happen. I have made enough out of this to persue indie game development as a full-time job, and there's definitely more I can and want to do with the concept. So this one's definitely getting revisited!

And I have you guys to thank for it. Everyone who got the game, who spread the word about it, all that stuff. It all made it possible for me to keep doing this.

So thank you all, hope you keep enjoying the game, and seeya next time!


Buck Up And Drive! - v1.3.0 - 66 MB
Dec 24, 2022
Buck Up And Drive! - v1.3.0 - 67 MB
Dec 24, 2022

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