Quick re-upload

So, I screwed something up with the zips, which mostly applies to the Itch launcher. I'm gonna be a bit wordy here, but I want things to be as clear as possible.

If you downloaded the files directly (and so this won't affect you), you might notice all the files were in a neat lil' folder which you could just drag out of the zip to wherever ya want, right? Turns out the Itch launcher doesn't like that. You can install it through that, and it WILL run... but if you ever have to update (as some of you just did, I'm sure), you'll notice that when running the game you now have 2 executables with the same name to pick from, making things... rather confusing. That's because as the folders inside the zips are named differently (version numbers and whatnot), you end up with 2 installation folders. 

The solution? On my end, re-upload the zips without the sub-folder non-sense so the next time you update it'll just replace the old with the new and that's it. As for those that have already installed and have the sub-folders? Simple enough, manually uninstall (so it properly deletes everything) and reinstall again. You won't lose your save data or custom decals, as those are saved elsewhere.

Sorry for the annoyance, and let's hope this doesn't happen again. Guess we'll know with the next update, won't we? Speaking of which I was made aware of a few bugs in v1.1.0, and I'll be rolling out a v1.1.1 update to address those soon enough. Maybe in a few days? We'll see.


Buck Up And Drive! - v1.1.0 - Ubuntu.zip 44 MB
Nov 30, 2021
Buck Up And Drive! - v1.1.0 - Windows.zip 44 MB
Nov 30, 2021
Buck Up And Drive! - v1.1.0 DEMO - Ubuntu.zip 42 MB
Nov 30, 2021
Buck Up And Drive! - v1.1.0 DEMO - Windows.zip 43 MB
Nov 30, 2021

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