Regarding the game's long-term plans.

Ok... might as well set the mood from the get go: This isn't a very happy update. And yep, fairly long post, if you don't wanna read all that just scroll down to the TLDR at the bottom.

Game Maker Studio 2, the engine I'm using for Buck Up And Drive!, has a few days ago shifted to a subscription model instead of a one-time payment. As someone who values ownership and reliability with work tools (such as a game engine), this means I can no longer in good conscience keep using the engine, at least in the long run. They claim us with perpetual licenses can still keep using them, but... why would I believe them, when it's within their best interest to have us all move to subs at some point. 

What does this mean for the game? It's still coming out, specially this close to release, no concerns there. And I'm still looking into a Steam release afterwards. The problem lies in long-term updates, which... I'll have to axe, such as extra game modes, or possible ports beyond PC. I'll still add some stuff post-release, like extra cars, some more environments for sillier-looking runs, and some tweaks here and there, but unfortunately don't expect much more than that. If that's really all you expected, great. If not, I'm sorry.

Now, I'm expecting some of you to be... miffed, to say the least. And in the end, this is still my decision, even if it's in reaction to something I had no control over. I know this will likely hinder the game's long-term success, but if such comes at a cost of using software with such a predatory business model, I want no part in it.

On slightly happier news, these last few days I've been looking into the Godot engine, and first impressions are rather positive. The fact that it's 100% free and open-source also means it's quite unlikely to bump into the same situation ever again. So we'll see how that goes. Now, I'm not porting the game to it, it'd be too big a change to what's effectively an already-released game (or close). But those ideas I had for updates, like extra game modes and such? Who knows, they may still surface. Just not through Game Maker.

So... yeah, that's it. Thanks if you've read all that, sorry for letting anyone down, and I still got this one to finish and release, so I'll be getting to that! You're still getting a game, y'all!

TLDR: Game Maker's shifting to subscription-only and I want none of that, so don't expect many updates post-release. I'll add some more funny cars and little more, I'm afraid.

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We can help you bring your game to all platforms if you need help. just answer us on twitter. ;)

one thing you could do is hire someone to port the game to other platforms if it does well enough, but do what you want


I rly hate this trend of software going sub-based, but can't you use GMS2 freely and just pay for that one month to export the game and cancel the sub after? It sucks for QA reasons, I bet, but it is a sort of work-around at least. I'd rather you not having to succumb to that but, it is worth a shot.


I was wondering how other devs using GMS2 would react, and it's been quite clear that there's been a big shift towards Godot as of late.

It sucks that it's going sub-only, but thankfully, options exist!

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Totally understandable. This is your work, and you're the one who gets to decide how and why things get done.  


Godot has been very useful for me, and might fit your game well. Good luck with the project and any future work you do on it!


kind of a shame they decided to go with the nuclear option.. still, good luck with your future projects on greener pastures!

on that note, what's the future for dunkehr going to be?

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I'm still looking into Dunkehr, but there IS a future for it, that much I can very much confirm. But that one I'd rather address in more specific detail through a Patreon post after this is out. You know, addressing one thing at a time.

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Whatever works for you... Is fine with me. However, it's essential to get your games out there. Most importantly, games that are finished or very close to finished. Pitfalls will happen... Like my dad would always tell me when I have no money to fund my projects? He would tell me is "Use what you have."

It gives me goosebumps hearing that from my dad because it's the right humble low egotistic thing to do. :)

All is best for you and the games you are making. Happy Game dev! :)