Demo borked because I'm a jackass

So, v0.2.1D, the demo I first upload, seems to have rendering issues. As such, I replaced it with v0.2.0D. Lacks a few refinements, but... it works fine.

So yeah, sorry for anyone that might've noticed anything weird. That'll get you sorted till I get that fixed!


Buck Up And Drive! - v0.2.0D - 32 MB
Jul 19, 2021
Buck Up And Drive! - v0.2.0D - 32 MB
Jul 19, 2021

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This review is going to be in the somewhat vaguely in the style of Pkrussl reviews.


Graphics: 4/5 The graphics look nice, the screenshots look nice.

Art: 2/5 You might be asking, "well how is art different than gfx?" Gfx is how good it looks for screenshots. Art comes in where the game is overall. Overall the levels are bland and repetitive. All the tracks look the same. They also have a weird bumpy look to them like the procedural generation was glitchy. The cities look bland with not much visual landmarks of interest. The tunnels don't make sense geometrically, when there is a fork in a road the tunnel extends to both forks.

Gameplay: 2/5 Low production value physics and gameplay. Feels less immersive than the original Outrun (not 2006.) Also feels less immersive than Outrun 2006. There isn't any compelling reason why someone would use this as an alternative to Outrun 2006. At the beginning, the tutorial mode of how to drift covers up the whole screen. But after several levels and 5 minutes I didn't have to drift even one time. So basically the game does not give the player a reason to ever drift. There is also a Battle mode but that is neither here nor there.

Story: 0/5 There is no story to speak of, nor immersion. There are randomly ramps everywhere, NPCs in vehicles go on these ramps and do flips, which breaks any immersion of the game. Outrun had an appeal that you were in real life and this game is missing that.

Sound: 4/5 The sound is decent, the music is alright and decent.

Value: 1/5 Way overpriced for 7.99. If I recall, the original Outrun 2006 and Daytona for Xbox 360 were around that price, and this is nowhere near that quality. Create a more reasonable price such as 1.99 or 2.99.

Hidden category: There are swear words and other inappropriate contents of the game, which means the game is not family friendly.  Additionally,  most of the billboards are too blurry and moving too fast to read, one I did see criticizing big oil, and that's cool, but overall the way the joke was presented seemed to be lame. So basically, the game sacrificed its wholesomeness appeal in exchange for adult content, but didn't have enough quantity or quality of adult content to appeal to adults. -4 points.

Hidden category 2: There is a trans flag in the game, being pro lgbt is cool. +2 points.

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Are demos down?

You can download v0.2.0D from the project's main page. This post is because I had first uploaded a newer build (v0.2.1D) that had major issues, so replaced it with the older build that still works fine.